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Covid-19 Resources

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Stand Up To Cancer remains committed to our mission and work to support science that will bring new treatments to patients faster than ever before. Our research continues to move forward at over 210 institutions, and we are launching Requests for Applications to support additional scientific collaborations that will offer every cancer patient the opportunity to be a long-term survivor. Because despite all the disruptions and changes we have experienced recently, SU2C staff, scientists, and donors know that cancer does not stop.

All states and countries have been affected by COVID-19, and some people who have a cancer diagnosis, new or ongoing, are at significant risk, either from the virus itself or because many of the most effective cancer treatments can cause immunosuppression. Now that vaccines against COVID-19 are available, it is important that cancer patients and survivors discuss options with their health care provider. Below is a list of resources for cancer patients and their caregivers to help you and your loved ones, including questions that might be useful when considering the COVID-19 vaccine.

Insights & Expert Opinions

We are all experiencing an unprecedented time. Our trusted doctors, nurses and health care professionals are on the front lines of the pandemic and are working hard to keep everyone safe. In these uncertain times, it is natural to look for answers and also to be frustrated with what feels like vague or generic advice. As a cancer patient, you may especially feel this when you look for advice online about whether to go to the doctor, to continue treatment, or for answers to a myriad of other questions. One thing we still know for certain, each of the more than 100 diseases we call cancer is complicated, and your individual situation is unique.

More than ever, it is important to work with your health care team. They are most familiar with your health status and know your treatment plan. They know the benefit of the checkup, test or procedure to you. They know how strong your immune system is. They know the risk of exposure at the office or facility you’ll be visiting on the day of your visit. They know you. They’ll help you update your treatment plan so it’s best for you.

Please explore the resources below and plan ahead. Use the suggestions to put together a list of questions that you have for your doctor so that you can have a complete and efficient discussion. You might check if your health care team has a patient portal you can use to reach out to them, and they can respond during off hours when their attention is not required elsewhere. Remember, while the health system is working under challenging circumstances, dedicated doctors and nurses remain committed to your wellbeing. By having a plan and getting information directly from your care team, and being patient, we can all do our part.


SU2C is proud to be part of an initiative that will both help scientists understand the emerging coronavirus pandemic and ensure the needs of cancer patients and survivors are being included as the research goes forward. Cancer survivors, patients and the general public can help arm the research community with data that will allow them to study COVID-19, to identify symptoms and weaknesses, and to pinpoint where critical resources are needed.

The COVID Symptom Study, formerly known as COVID Symptom Tracker, is not just for those that are sick or suspect they have COVID-19. Regardless of health condition, you can use the app to track your health, or report on behalf of a loved one.

Stand Up with us by sharing how you are feeling daily via the COVID Symptom Study, specifically designed with cancer patients and survivors in mind. To read more about the app, go to our FAQ page, and download it for iOS and Android.

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